Traditional Kayaks

Traditional Kayaks Heritage Traditional Kayaks are designed to be highly stable versatile performers, lightweight for their size and with beautiful traditional lines. Whether you have substantial kayaking experience or you are new to the sport, you will love these designs which so ably combine good performance, beauty, and user friendly handling characteristics.

General Information

Specifications Specifications, product components, colors and prices are subject to change at any time. Weights may vary slightly. All Heritage Kayaks utilize rugged high quality polyethylene hull construction with superior tensile strength, resistance to heat distortion, impact and abrasion. Capacity

The Capacity indicated for each model represents the maximum load the kayak is designed to carry, including the paddler(s) plus all cargo.

Kayak Colors -Heritage Kayaks are available in RED, YELLOW, MANGO GREEN, BLUE and KHAKI hull colors. -

The Fisherman, FeatherLite Angler, FeatherLite 12 Angler, and Sportsman are available in KHAKI and GREEN only.