The FeatherLite 12 is a "stretched" version of our regular FeatherLite. It offers additional length for speed and extra volume for more carrying capacity. Super lightweight, it has a very stable hull and is great for general flatwater paddling. The large, non-confining cockpit is great for taller people and for bringing all that exta gear. Adjustable foot braces, a new adjustable padded foam seat, two end carry handles, bow storage web, built-in flotation, stern hatch and gear isolation bulkhead, this kayak has tons of features. A large cockpit makes it easy to get in and out! Extra length and a molded skeg help it track straight. View next kayak- ---


Specifications Specs Length: 12'1" Width: 30" Kayak Weight: 52 lbs. Capacity: 325 lbs. Suggested Usage Recreational: Excellent Touring: Excellent Extended Touring: Good Mild River: Excellent Light Ocean: Excellent Feature: Longer Hull Length Benefit: More speed…less effort Feature: Large Cockpit Benefit: Non-confining cockpit, easy to enter and exit. Feature: Comfortable Adjustable Foam Seat Benefit: Back support with new ergonomic seat design