The Sea Dart 17 is our longest and fastest single kayak,well capable of maintaining a high average cruising speed over long distances! A seaworthy, stable kayak with 26" at the buoyancy sponsons and a much narrower average waterline width of 22". Importantly, the extra stability provided by the sponsons automatically engages as the kayak is edged or when pushing through waves. It's a fast kayak that's user friendly and safe! Two large tethered rubber hatches, shock cord storage webs, adjustable foot braces, balance point side cary handles, end carries, and an adjustable padded backrest. The Sea Dart 17 is a great choice for those looking for a larger, well outfitted fast touring sit-on-top kayak. View next kayak- ---


Specifications Specs Length: 17'4" Width: 26" Kayak Weight: 73 lbs. Capacity: 300 lbs. Suggested Usage Recreational: Good Touring: Excellent Extended Touring: Excellent Mild River: Good Light Ocean: Excellent Feature: Straight Tracking Greenland Hull Design Benefit: It'll Get You Where You Want to Go, Real Fast Feature: Deck Webbing Benefit: Easy Access to Gear on the Water Feature: Bow & Stern Bulkhead Compartments. Benefit: Keeps Extra Gear Dry and Safe Suggested Retail $799.00