Sporty and efficient, the SeaDart 14ís long popularity as a performance oriented well-equipped sit-on-top sea kayak is well deserved. With high stability, good straight line tracking, easy turning capability, and excellent cruising speed, itís fast enough to win races. Beautiful lines harking back to the classic Greenland kayaks. This one is hard to beat! The equipment is extensive, including balance point side carry handles, end carries, two large rubber tethered hatches, adjustable foot braces, a cockpit drain plug, stern drain, padded adjustable backrest, a deck shock cord storage web and the large carrying capacity inherent in the design. A seaworthy, well-outfitted, highly capable performer with enough storage for over nights. View next kayak- ---


Specifications Specs Length: 14'2" Width: 28" Kayak Weight: 62 lbs. Capacity: 280 lbs. Suggested Usage Recreational: Excellent Touring: Excellent Extended Touring: Excellent Mild River: Good Light Ocean: Excellent Feature: Classic Greenland Design Features Benefit: Narrow hull slices through the water, sheds waves. Feature: Bow & Stern Storage Chambers Benefit: Carry extra day gear or camping equipment. Feature: Deck Webbing Benefit: Easy access to water bottles or photographic gear. Suggested Retail $699.00 © COPYRIGHT 2004, HERITAGE KAYAKS---